Easter time at Unity - White Stone Ceremony

As we welcome the spring season we think of this as a time of renewal; a time of light and re-birth.  This is also the Easter Season, which traditionally is focused on the aspect of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection.  In Unity we believe Easter is more a way of life instead of one day to celebrate.  It was through his teachings,  culminating with the Easter story, that Jesus taught us that no human problem could not be alleviated through the power of the Christ; that power which is within each and every one of us. 
One aspect of the tomb in which we keep ourselves locked is our own beliefs about ourselves; the labels and identity we have believed to be who we are.  We have created our identity by the words spoken to us, about us and our own beliefs regarding our worthiness, usually created years ago from those around us.  As we make a decision to ‘roll away’ our stones and step out of our tomb of limitation we find ourselves reborn with the power of the Christ Spirit within.  We can move forward recreating ourselves in the spirit of love and oneness and really acknowledge the power within and establishing our true identity as a Child of God and heir to His kingdom.
Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth; a time of breaking free from old habits and limitations.  Once we realize our freedom it is like beginning with a clean slate, knowing we have the power to create our lives according to our desires. We welcome you to our Easter Celebration to take a different look at what Easter may mean for you.  We also encourage you to attend our special “White Stone Ceremony”* during our Sunday Celebration on April 28th .
With Love and Blessings,
Rev Nancy
Spiritual Leader
Unity of Reading
* White Stone Ceremony: Historically, during the time of the Roman Empire, when you were released from prison, you were given a white stone. You were to carry that stone with you everywhere you went. Everybody knew that if you had the white stone with you, not only were you free but you had a clean slate. You were able to begin anew. Also, carrying the stone gave you all the benefits of being a Roman citizen. That meant the Roman army protected you. This was no small thing. We use the White Stone to symbolize that we can leave behind whatever personal prison we may have created for ourselves. This ceremony is an opportunity to start this time of resurrection, with no personal baggage.