Food For Thought Program begins January 12, 2017

Food For Thought Program

Are you searching for more?

Are you searching for a deeper meaning in life, increased happiness or a deeper Spiritual connection to life?  Food for Thought is a program designed to help provide some answers, stimulate your own thinking and assist you in recreating yourself.

Recent studies in Positive Psychology, Physics, Biology and Medicine are providing evidence for the effectiveness of the wisdom taught by the great Spiritual Masters. There is much more to life than just living in this physical world.  We DO actually have more effect on our lives and circumstances than most of us realize.  Once we become aware of what lies beyond the physical (metaphysical) and understand Universal Laws which direct our existence we can live within those laws to create a happier, more fulfilling life.
Food For Thought will be held the second Thursday of every month at the Creekside Pleasantville Diner 2644 W Philadelphia Ave, Oley, PA 19547.  We will present a variety of interesting, informative and uplifting topics.  Schedule of topics will be available 3 months in advance.  Everyone and anyone is invited to attend.  A donation basket will be passed for presenter.  Come early and have dinner. Program begins at 6:30pm.